The Fabrication Mart purchasing system has been designed to meet the changing needs of today’s buyers. We understand that your time is precious and that cutting corners is never an option. Our customised purchasing system can save you time and money, by ensuring that you only ever see vendors that are fully verified, approved, and accredited suppliers for each of your projects. A vendor or supplier is verified and approved every time before a quotation is requested by fabrication mart. 

Compliance and Data Privacy

As compliance obligations and ways of working have evolved, so have we. By delivering supplier assurance and demonstrating value for money, we can support your teams to succeed.

Your data is handled and managed according to the privacy policy of each country we operate in. We invest heavily in securing your privacy and data management.


Save time, save money

Using our platform helps you cut the time your team spend on procurement. Ensuring supplier assessment across core areas of risk including financial and insurance information, health and safety, equal opportunities and diversity, environmental management, quality management and building information modelling. 

Access suppliers of all sizes

Our CPS could help you to achieve an objective for your organisation, to help you cut costs, reduce risk, or adhere to compliance obligations. The increased flexibility of a CPS and the option of applying at any time during the open period gives smaller businesses more opportunity to compete for contracts and you more choice in the suppliers you use.

Information at your fingertips

When you use Fabrication Mart to manage your CPS prequalification, you can be certain that the details you see are complete and up to date. The buyer can see the milestones achieved by the fabrication mart live. We’re continually updating and improving our systems, making it easier to identify the right suppliers and  analyse the supply chain issues.