A customised global fabrication vendor sourcing and management platform

We are a team of experts who source supplier for every fabrication contract as per the supplier's real capability

Fabrication mart is a global fabrication vendor management platform for fabrication risk mitigation and fabrication project delivery through its verified local fabrication partners in steel (Carbon, Mild, Biz, Stainless), Alloy, specialized metals, Timber and Poly. 

According to a study conducted by PMI, 78% of the projects overrun due to the wrong selection of fabrication vendors which affects the installation and commissioning of a client project. Fabrication mart manually verifies its vendor’s capability by assessing them through a rigorous capability check to ensure the quality of manufactured product is reliable and close to each project application. 

One of the major factors for failure in delivering a project on time and under budget is a lack of a clear understanding of the scope of work, bill of material and material prices. And Fabrication mart addresses these issues using its highly experienced work force and technology

About Us

Here at Fabrication Mart, we are committed to creating a sustainable business environment for all parties and delivering successful projects on time and within budget without ripping off the client or a vendor. So, we choose the client and the vendor both through a litmus test before we engage with any parties. For every project we assign a dedicated case manager and provides a customised service to both the buyer the and supplier.

Years of Experience

Contract Awards

Why US?

Our Peer Review Process

We are not a tender listing company but we are a dedicated a team of experts who source, review, and categorise every fabrication contract. This means we know what the requirements are for every fabrication project. We review each contract for specifications, materials to be used for fabrication, manning, machines and material requirements including review of the engineering drawing, connection details, steel detailing. Then we we connect the right buyer with right suppliers by issuing the Request for Award.